It’s a Wonderful Knife by Christine Wenger

254894811  The second book of my snow  day is book 5 in the A Comfort Food Mystery Series by Christine Wenger, It’s a Wonderful Knife.  In this outing, our sleuth Trixie is almost out of commission right from the beginning from an accident, but she doesn’t let that keep her from investigating the death of one of the locals who was in the middle of organizing the town’s Christmas pageant.  Lots of snow, Christmas cheer, family feelings, clues, suspects, and glimpses of small town life unfold on the pages of this mystery.  We get to meet a few more of Trixie’s family members and even some of Ty’s.  ACB features prominently in this book as she did in the fourth book.

A fun, fast paced cozy read, with a bonus Holiday theme!  Unfortunately, it is my understanding that this series has been cancelled by the publisher, however the author may be considering self-publishing.  Crossed-fingers!

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