Grilling the Subject by Daryl Wood Gerber

27774648  This is book number 5 in the Cookbook Nook Mystery Series, Grilling the Subject.  The sleuth, Jenna Hart, finds herself investigating the death of an obnoxious neighbor to clear her father.  Along with the murder investigation, a Wild West Extravaganza is in town adding to the drama, Bailey is in the midst of wedding planning, Jenna and Rhett’s own relationship is heating up, and finally, is  someone following Jenna?  If so, why?

The murder plot is well done and has plenty of suspects and clues to keep you guessing, but Jenna’s personal life is equally important in this outing in this series.  Jenna Hart has shown a great deal of character growth since this series began, as have some of the other recurring characters.   It has been a lovely series to read  and get to know the characters over the course of time.  Highly recommended cozy mystery read!


It’s a Wonderful Knife by Christine Wenger

254894811  The second book of my snow  day is book 5 in the A Comfort Food Mystery Series by Christine Wenger, It’s a Wonderful Knife.  In this outing, our sleuth Trixie is almost out of commission right from the beginning from an accident, but she doesn’t let that keep her from investigating the death of one of the locals who was in the middle of organizing the town’s Christmas pageant.  Lots of snow, Christmas cheer, family feelings, clues, suspects, and glimpses of small town life unfold on the pages of this mystery.  We get to meet a few more of Trixie’s family members and even some of Ty’s.  ACB features prominently in this book as she did in the fourth book.

A fun, fast paced cozy read, with a bonus Holiday theme!  Unfortunately, it is my understanding that this series has been cancelled by the publisher, however the author may be considering self-publishing.  Crossed-fingers!

Macaroni and Freeze by Christine Wenger


Snow day this morning, so I had the opportunity to lay in bed and finish this lovely cozy mystery, Macaroni and Freeze, book 4 in the A Comfort Food Mystery Series.  I have had this book on my shelf for a while but I have been in somewhat of a reading slump that I seem to be coming out of so I will head right into book 5.

In this book in the series, Trixie finds herself hosting a Cook Off fundraiser to benefit the town’s library. A celebrity chef checks into town to host the event, but doesn’t check out…alive at least.  Trixie is once again embroiled in a murder case after literally stumbling on dead body.  There are suspects with personal motives, professional motives and just old fashioned greed.  Trixie and ACB traipse through the never ending snow interviewing suspects, tracking down clues and comparing stories trying to trap a killer without getting arrested by Ty in the process. There is a side plot dealing with Alzheimer’s and plagiarism that is well done as well.  Anyone who has contributed to church, community or school cookbook’s would find that an interesting part of the plot.

Another well written outing in the A Comfort Food series!