No Farm, No Foul & Cheddar Off Dead

Two more new-to-me cozy mystery series, No Farm, No Foul from A Farmer’s Daughter Series by Peg Cochran and Cheddar Off Dead from An Undercover Dish Mystery by Julia Buckley.

Peg Cochran’s series concerns a widow, who runs an organic farm and writes a cooking/lifestyle blog whilst raising her children and being heavily involved in her local church in the small town of Lovett.  In this, the first in the series, a church  event is held on her property and is going well until one of the congregation ends up dead with an unexpected amount of cash on her person. Shelby investigates the murder, in between farming, cooking, blogging and dealing with the drama of raising children, especially one that is a teen.  There are hints of possible future romantic interests and plenty of interesting characters for recurring roles.  A fine start to a new series, particularly for fans of cozies with more of a church based focus.

Cheddar Off Dead runs in the opposite direction with more of city/contemporary feel.  Lilah is a chef with an interesting side gig as an undercover chef.  She will deliver the goods secretly and her clients can pretend to have made them themselves.  In this book, Lilah is present at the murder of Santa Claus, well not really Santa, but an actor set to perform in a Santa costume.  The killer sees her and Lilah is pulled into the investigation, pretty much against her will.  There is a Christmas theme, a loving family, a big dog side kick, a possible love interest, a victim with some enemies, and mobsters.  All these together make for a fun, quick, holiday cozy read.