Address to Die For by Mary Feliz

28686806  A new to me author and series,  Address to Die For, is the first in A Maggie McDonald Mystery Series.  The title character, Maggie, is a professional organizer.  As the series opens she is in the middle of moving with her family to a home her husband inherited from his aunt.  The move goes anything but smoothly and the main upset is a dead body found in her new house.  Maggie steps up the challenge of handling the move, fixing up the dilapidated house, meeting new people in town and figuring out who is trying to drive her family out of their new home with a fist full of lists and a smile on her face.

Maggie is different from the average cozy sleuth in that she is a happily married mother. In most cases, the sleuths are single women, or divorced or widowed. In this, the opening book of the series, her husband was called away for work, but the relationship between them was illustrated through their emails.  I look forward to seeing how it their family life is portrayed in the next book.

Very promising start to a new series!