Days of Wine and Roquefort by Avery Aames

18210678  This, Days of Wine and Roquefort, is book five in the A Cheese Shop Mystery Series by Avery Aames, who also writes as Daryl Wood Gerber.  Charlotte once again finds herself embroiled in a murder, this time she is on her own as Jordan is away under police protection waiting to testify for the government’s case.  The victim is somewhat of a mystery all on her own.  Charlotte’s cousin thought he knew her but really didn’t know all that much.  Why was she killed?  Was it something from her past?  Did her troubles follow her from somewhere else to Providence?  Or did she fall into trouble once she landed on Charlotte’s doorstep?

Jealousy, greed, possible affairs, and scandals from the past are all possible motives that Charlotte sifts through trying to get at the truth. In her personal storyline, Charlotte is dealing with the separation from Jordan and the from her cousin and his children who have moved out into their own home.  There is a lot going on with investigating the murder, in the town and in Charlotte’s personal life to make this a fast paced cozy mystery read.  A Cheese Shop Mystery Series is a great series overall and this is another good book in the series.