Puppet for a Corpse by Dorothy Simpson

1856857This is the third in Inspector Luke Thanet’s police procedural series.  Inspector Thanet has a very dogged approach to solving crime.  He methodically goes through the clues, the suspects and witnesses, the alibis, and the motives until he comes up with his final theory of the crime.  In this case, a local country doctor has committed suicide, or has he?  His young beautiful wife, an actress and celebrity in her own right doesn’t believe it is suicide.  His son and housekeeper don’t believe it either.  It is up to Inspector Thanet to sort through the clues and uncover the truth.  At the same time, he is dealing with issues in his home life with his wife Joan and his family in a subplot that allow the reader to see a very human side of the Inspector.

A relatively short, clean (as far as language, no gore, no graphic violence or sex) police procedural that is well written with an engaging Inspector as the main protagonist.  I haven’t read others in the series, I just picked this up at a library sale on impulse.  If I come across other books by Dorothy Simpson, I would give another one I try.

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