A Skeleton in the Family by Leigh Perry

15810106  This is the 1st in the Family Skeleton series. I will admit to having some deep reservations about reading this, I mean come on, a skeleton named Sid, as one of the main characters?  It seemed like it would be a little silly.  Well, I started and finished it last night and I really liked it!.  The sleuth is Georgia Thackery, an adjunct professor, who just moved home to her parents’ house while they are out of the country on sabbatical.  Sid has been in the family since Georgia’s childhood.  Georgia now has a teen daughter, who she brings home with her and together, the three of them make for a  delightful family.  Georgia is an intelligent, strong-willed, independent sleuth.  Sid is smart and witty and the relationship between them is both touching and comic.  The first case involves solving Sid’s murder as he starts to recover some memories from his life before he came to the Thackery household.

A great cozy read and I will definitely  read more in the series.

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