Three Insomnia Reads…

I had some difficulty sleeping last night and made my way through these three.  I could swear that I have read The Corner Shop before. It seemed really familiar, but I couldn’t find a record of it, so if I did it was before I started keeping track on Goodreads.  Elizabeth Cadell was recommended to me because I like Barbara Pym, I can see some similarity but not an overwhelming amount.  The Corner Shop concerns Mrs. Abbey a young  divorcee, who manages a secretarial agency.  She has traveled out to the country on the eve of her holiday to see to a particularly troublesome client.  Through the client, an impossible dotty professor,  she becomes embroiled in  a mystery surrounding stolen goods, relatives who are up to no good, and strangers that she coincidentally runs into repeatedly.  The story leaves England and travels to France and continues there.  Probably best described as a madcap romantic mystery.  I found it to be a fun, quick read which I quite enjoyed.

Objects of My Affection is about single mom, Lucy, starting an organizing business.  She has sold everything she owned to pay for an expensive stint in rehab for her son.  She lucks into a famous artist for a client and the novel follows the progression of the organizing job, the relationship between Lucy and her client, and her son’s situation in rehab.  This is the chick lit treatment of some serious issues, suicide, addiction, and  hoarding.   Quick, light read, with enjoyable characters and some interesting commentary on parenting and family dynamics at points.

Weeding Out Trouble is book 5 in the Nina Quinn Mystery series.  Nina is a divorced landscaper currently living with her stepson.  She gets involved with a murder when one of her employees disappears under mysterious circumstances.  There is a large cast of characters supporting Nina and she has an interesting personal and career life.  The current murder case is complicated by massive snowstorm dropping feet of snow.  There are lots of possibilities to explore here with illegal drugs, crooked police, and jealous lovers.  Quick cozy read from Heather Webber, who also writes cozies as Heather Blake.


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