A Whisker of Trouble by Sofie Ryan

25489471  A Whisker of Trouble is book 3 in the A Second Chance cat Mystery series, so named because the protagonist, Sarah Grayson is the proprietor of a second-hand shop called Second Chance.  Sarah has a black cat named Elvis who is preternaturally intelligent and helps her in her investigation along with “Charlotte’s Angels”.

Sarah is hired to clean out a home of someone who has recently died and discovers a dead body on the premises.  The family wants her and the PI team of Charlotte’s Angels to help solve the case.  The investigation uncovers a counterfeit wine scam, elder fraud, and other misdoings in the second-hand/trading community.  But is it enough motive to kill for?  Sarah, Elvis, and her team follow-up on the leads, trying both to stop a killer and to save other seniors from being defrauded.

A fast paced cozy with a very current theme and fun, engaging  characters to make an interesting read.


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