Caught Read-Handed by Terrie Farley Moran

23604321  A bout of insomnia last night helped me to finish this, Caught Read-Handed, the second book in the A Read ‘Em and Eat Mystery Series.  The mystery involves a local trophy wife who volunteers in the library amidst other extra-curricular activities.  Sassy and Bridgy become involved in the case when the brother of Sassy’s ex-boss, a veteran with PTSD is accused of the crime.  They track down clues, question suspects, and follow up on motives.  While all this is going on they still have to run their bookshop cafe, run the book groups that meet there, host Sassy’s ex-boss who comes to town to help his brother, and deal with a wild life issue in the form of an anaconda on the loose.

A cozy slice of Florida life with murder and mystery!


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