The Sculptress by Minette Walters

41325  The book opens with Rosalind (Roz) arriving at  a prison to interview a killer referred to as The Sculptress, who has already spent years behind bars.  The Sculptress, Olive, admitted to killing and dismembering her mother and younger sister in the family kitchen.  Roz wants to write a book about her as a last ditch effort to keep her publishing contract.  Both women have trust issues and have been hurt and suffered terrible losses.  As Roz starts her investigation, the threads of Olive’s case unravel.  Is Olive the victim of horrible miscarriage of justice or is she a master manipulator playing on Roz’s vulnerabilities?  The book plays with the idea of how close anyone could be to committing a horrible crime when pushed by the right forces.

The main theme explored here is trust and it is exemplified in Roz and Olive’s relationship as well as Roz’s dealing with the people she meets in her investigation.  This is a book about a vicious sickening crime and is a completely suspenseful and compelling read.  I had other things to do today, but it kept pulling me back in. I had to know the truth about Olive and what happens to Roz.  Great read!

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