When the Cookie Crumbles by Virginia Lowell

13087853  This is a a series with an unusual theme, a cookie cutter shop.  The shop is owned by Olivia and she works there with her best friend Maddie.  The show sells new and antique cutters and demonstrates the cutters through baked and decorated cookies.  In this, book three of the series, the town is an uproar over a 250th anniversary celebration.  Renovations have been taking place on the Chatterley mansion as a centerpiece to the celebration.   Just before the big events, the long lost Chatterley heir returns to claim his family home and set the town on its head!

There are really two mysteries here, first who murdered the victim, and second where are the Chatterley Cookie Cutters (if they really exist)?   Olivia is dragged into the investigation, which threatens to uncover secrets about the Chatterley family, the mayor, and other members of the anniversary celebration committee.  But whose secrets were important enough to kill for?

Well written mystery with enough action and twists and  turns to keep the reader turning the pages.  Likeable protagonist and sidekick, just a hint of romance and an interesting setting and theme all make for a great cozy read!