An April Shroud by Reginald Hill

77177  I have watched and loved the whole Dalziel and Pascoe TV series and so now I am reading through the books.  This is book 4 in the series and was mainly Dalziel focused as Pascoe and Ellie just got married.  I really enjoyed the focus on Dalziel without the interplay with Pascoe.  The “romantic” scene was particularly well done and so in character for Dalziel.

This plot revolves around Dalziel on holiday when a flood occurs, trapping him at a country house with a family who just experienced the patriarch’s death.  The family is all at odds with one another and some of them with Dalziel.  The circumstances surrounding the death and other incidents pique his curiosity and investigative nature.  The more he digs about, the more twists, turns and deceptions he uncovers.

The books in this series have all been well written and this one is no exception.  The pacing is spot on and there is nothing extraneous here.  The characterization of Dalziel and the brief moments we see with Pascoe and even Ellie are very realistically done.  They are all portrayed as human with strengths and flaws like anyone you might meet.

Highly recommended series for English mystery lovers.