Now May You Weep by Deborah Crombie

18090213  This is book 9 in the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James series.  This book in the series is definitely Gemma-centric.  She has recovered from her miscarriage and has gone on a brief trip with Hazel to Scotland.  Once there she realizes the trip is not simply a girl’s getaway, but that Hazel and others have ulterior motives connected to Hazel’s past and perhaps her future.  There is also a plot involving Kit’s grandmother and her ongoing attempt for custody and a plot line in the form of Hazel’s ancestors which provide foreshadowing and finally explanation for some of the current day events.

I love the character of Gemma and she has shown such growth since this series began, she is a very three dimensional character.  This storyline provides another step in Gemma’s growth as a woman and a partner and in solidifying her and Duncan’s relationship.  The mystery is interesting with twists and red herrings.  The Scottish setting adds vivid color to the  book and pulls the reader into the story.   Great mystery read in a series that gets better and better as it goes.

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