In a Dark House by Deborah Crombie

4760054  This is book 10 in the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James series.  The mystery in this books contains a body found in a burnt building.  The fire was arson and the reader gets glimpses into the arsonists thoughts as he sets the blaze.  Duncan is investigating the arson and Gemma in a round about way is investigating a missing persons case.  Are they related?  Is Gemma’s missing person the body in the fire?  Gemma is also searching for a missing child?  As the police hunt for the identity of the victim, they also search for the link to the fire and other fires that are occurring.  An MP is the owner of the burnt building which makes the case a political minefield.  In the midst of all this professional turmoil, there is also a subplot involving Kit’s custody to add to the pressure mounting on Duncan and Gemma.

Great read, the mystery involves so many twists and turns, who is the victim?  How or are the cases linked?  Where is the missing child and how does she fit into all this?  I really like how we see  Duncan and Gemma’s personal life and experience that tug between the personal and professional life that parents often experience.  Highly recommended read.