Eeny Meeny & The Girl They Couldn’t Steal

Eeny Meeny by M.J. Arlidge is the first in the Helen Grace series.  The story is about  a serial killer who kidnaps victims in pairs and then turns them against each other as hunger and thirst set in driving them to commit horrible acts.  As the case evolves and more victims are involved DI Helen Grace races to find out the connection between the victims.  Why are these people being chosen?  is her primary question. If she can just discover the link, then she can prevent the next crime and capture the criminal.  Helen’s squad includes Mark, who is fighting his own personal demons throughout the case, Charlie, who just recently discovered she is pregnant and a Superintendent who has his own interests at heart.

Thrilling twists and turns throughout this fast paced thriller.  Helen Grace is a complex and well drawn character, who has her own demons but gives 110% to the job.  DS Mark Fuller is a tragic character, who is well written and provides an excellent counterpoint to Helen.  This is a compelling reading that kept me turning the pages until it was done.  I will definitely read the next in this series.

The Girl They Couldn’t Steal is a thriller involved with child abduction and trafficking.  Amy has always known she is adopted but has no information regarding her birth family.  Now that she has graduated medical school and has six months before buckling down to work she sets out to investigate who she really is.  She sets off a chain of events far bigger than she can imagine, involving multiple countries and criminals of all kinds and at all levels.  Russian Mobsters, Chechens, Old School English Gangsters, Retired British Military, and corrupt police,  Amy faces them all down in her search.  Parts of this were interesting and engaging, but at times Amy and other’s actions  seemed illogical and just not very smart.  The book ends up with many, but definitely not all threads tied up and has lead-ins to the next book in the trilogy.  Interesting read that made me want to know what happened. but I am not sure if I would read the two more books to find out.

Strictly My Husband by Tracy Bloom

30750114  I received a free ebook of this title, Strictly My Husband, from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

I was drawn to request this book by the description, not the reference to the popular TV show.  The book is about a marriage between the practical, analytical, data driven Laura and the more free spirited, creative, dancer Tom.  It seems like an opposites attract situation until Carly twirls into their lives.  Tom is on the staff of a theme park running the entertainment side of things and Carly is a new performer.  Not only is Carly with Tom at work, but she is renting a room in Tom and Laura’s home for the performance season and it goes without saying she is beautiful.  The plot also involves other mismatched couples, jobs in peril, laughter and friendship.  The story is on the surface about marriage and how to have a good one.   But it is also about asking for what you want or need, not just expect you partner to know and finally accepting that dreams change.  Your dream life at 20, may not be what you want or need at 40.

So, do marriages between opposites last?  Will Laura take that dance with Tom?  Who is Will secretly pining for?  To find out the answers you will have to pick up a copy of your own to read.  A fun romantic story and you don’t have to be a fan of Strictly to enjoy it!