A Summer at Sea by Katie Fforde

5192kocuspl  I received a Kindle edition of A Summer at Sea from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

I was so excited to see that I actually got approved for Katie Fforde’s A Summer at Sea!  I have read several of her other books and really enjoyed them all.

First a brief synopsis, Emily is a former nurse and current midwife performing home births.  She begins to feel burned out after  a confrontation with a local GP and takes a sabbatical.  Her friend Rebecca owns a former cargo ship which has been transformed into a floating hotel, the Puffer.  Emily goes to Scotland to work in the galley and sets her whole life on its head.  From discovering a new interest in working with the elderly, to a new love interest, to  changes that occur with the maternity clinic while she is away, to forming an attachment to Rebecca’s family, the changes are overwhelming and keep the story floating along quite charmingly.

The characters are interesting and have depth to them.  Katie Fforde writes females in a state of flux so well and I love the fact that her characters are so relatable.  I also feel that the sense of community that flourishes in out-of-the-way places is  well demonstrated here.    The book exudes a strong sense of place and lets the reader immerse themselves in the Emily’s world.  Emily is a midwife and as such, has strong opinions on women’s health care and in particular maternity care.  This brought a sense of realism to the character.  I have known a few midwives and in my experience they have all been passionate about their careers.  Emily displays this passion through her words and actions.

The story of Emily and how she handles everything that is thrown at her and finds her own happily every after is lovely.  A message to be taken away here is to take chances, you never know what opportunities will come your way.    A great summer read to provide an afternoon’s escape from real life.


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