Shroud for a Nightingale by P.D. James

 This morning I stayed in bed to finish this, book 4, in the Adam Dagliesh series.  The initial murder is horrible, particular for anyone with any kind of medical phobia.  The book opens with a visit to a nursing school attached to a hospital. Several students are demonstrating their learning using a fellow student as a model when things go horribly wrong.  As always seems the case, one murder leads to another and Dagliesh finds himself looking to link the murders and examing the stories and alibis of multiple suspects from a large pool.

The students and some of the staff have their own secrets and concerns which lead to many red herrings and some actual clues.  Well plotted mystery and great character definition, even though there is a large cast of characters they are distinct enough to keep straight.  I really enjoyed this book and plan on finishing this series eventually.


I haven’t particpated for a long while because I’ve had some health issues, some stress issues and some work issues…real life does intrude at times :).  Anyway, as of Friday I am off for summer vacation and plan to focus on fitness again.  So far, I have been going to the gym daily to lift weights, doing yoga a few times a week, walking daily and now I am starting to fit in some swimming as well.  Hoping to be in a better place physically when school starts in the fall.