A Clubbable Woman and Fables: The Mean Season

These are my latest two reads.  I have been reading the Fables series for the last couple of weeks and this is Volume 5.  This is not the strongest outing in this series. There are just a couple story lines, Snow White’s babies and the WWII history that just dragged for me.  I am assuming that these stories are building background for things to come. I have greatly enjoyed this series up to now and will definitely continue reading it. I actually have the next one waiting for me.

A Clubbable Woman is the first book in the Dalziel and Pascoe series by Reginald Hill.  I hadn’t read anything else in this series so I was interested to read this.  Also, this series has apparently been made into a TV series which sounds intriguing.  A Clubbable Woman introduces us to the detectives, Dalziel, older, rather stodgy, less politically correct, but experienced and knowledgeable and then Pascoe, younger, apparently a higher class and better educated as far as formal schooling, intelligent but not yet with the years of experience analyzing human nature.  The mystery was fine, a solid three stars.  The victim was particularly unsympathetic as were a few of the other characters.  Fun fact:  The title is quite punny 🙂