Fables Volumes 3 & 4

I have been reading the graphic novel series Fables.  Today I finished volumes 3 and 4.  These were different from the first two in that there seemed to be some more distinct storylines.  Many of the same characters are revisited, Snow White, Rose Red, Bigby, Bluebeard, Flycatcher, and Prince Charming.  Sleeping Beauty has a pivotal storyline that was a very good play on her original curse.

In these books Fabletown faces more adversity from the outside and the fables must band together to save their homes and themselves.  Meanwhile, there are also changes afoot from the inside and a surprisingly powerful ally appears.

I am really enjoying this series with its many references to fairy tales, fables and legends from a variety of cultures.  I would recommend this to adult fans of plays on fairy tales.  There is sex and violence both in these books.

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