Whodunnit? Wednesday

Whodunnit Wednesday

A meme for mystery readers, just grab a hold and then post your link in the comments below.

I have read a few mysteries in the last couple days including Drop Dead Chocolate, Demise in Denim and Brighton Belle.

Drop Dead Chocolate is in the Donut Shop Mystery Series.  I have been reading this series for a little while but I am nowhere near caught up.  I really enjoy it though and so I am sure that I will eventually.  The characters are engaging and more realistic than in some cozies that I read.  The plot kept me interested throughout and I didn’t know exactly who did it until the end so that was fun.  A good read for cozy mystery fans!

Demise in Denim is the 5th book in the Consignment shop mystery series. This is a series I have followed since the beginning.  I picked up this one and felt lost and couldn’t understand why.  It appears that there was a book 4 released, Dead Man Walker, a short story really at 71 pages, as an ebook only, that prefaced the events in book 5.  I usually buy my cozies as paperbacks because I have a group of friends that I trade with so I guess that is how I missed book 4 and besides that I generally don’t buy short stories.  I am not sure how I really feel about this.  I definitely did not enjoy this as much as the other books in the series, but now that the case is resolved I don’t really want to buy the ebook short story.

Brighton Belle is a historical fiction set in England, Brighton to be exact a few years after World War II.  The character of Mirabella Bevin is an ex sercret service employee, probably made redundant after the war who now works for a debt collector.  In pursuing a debtor, she uncovers circumstances that don’t quite seem right to her and set her on the path to investigating far beyond the scope of debt collection.  Along the way she picks up a sidekick, Vesta, who is a lot of fun, and loses a boss.  Some backstory about Mirabella is revealed that adds depth to her character and explains her life a little.  For some reason, this had a very Phrynee Fisher feel to me and would proablbly make quite an entertaining TV show, even moreso than a book.

So, thinking of Brighton Belle, I was wondering what TV mysteries that started as books you watch and is the book better or the TV show?  

Personally, I like the TV show for Miss FIsher’s Murder Mysteries better than the books.  It just seems to really come to life, perhaps it is because the actress is so perfectly suited?

On the other hand, Hamish Macbeth books by MC Beaton are so much better than the TV show ever was! 

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