This weekend I am participating in a readathon with the Hooked on Books group at Goodreads.  I can’t stay awake 24 hours so I slept for some of it but so far I have read:

   Reviews to come later…but I did enjoy these two.

Edited to add two more books:

Edited to add two more…

And another…

  Finally,….  Just kidding, one more…

The readathon is over!  I am probably not going to write reviews for all of these, particularly since most of them are classics and there are hundreds of reviews available.  I will say my favorite was The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, although I enjoyed all the the books I read today with the notable exception of The Crying of Lot 49.  I am guessing that post-modern is just not my thing, probably why I am struggling with Infinite Jest.

Anyway I will definitely read more Virginia Woolf and Julian Barnes.

2 thoughts on “Readathon…

  1. C.S. Wilde says:

    They seem interesting : )

  2. Tina says:

    That is a lot of time spent reading, good for you! I like the sound of some of your selections.

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