Death Drops

This was this month’s read at the Cozy Mystery Corner on Goodreads.  It is a cozy with a theme of natural remedies and naturopathic medicine in general.  Dr. Willow McCade ND inherits her aunt’s herbal remedy shop after the aunt was murdered.  Because she was the heir, Willow finds herself the focus of the police investigation.  She then begins her own investigation with the help of one of the store customers, a disabled policeman.

I liked the natural remedies theme and the mystery was interesting.  I did find the information and the “hard sell” approach push for natural remedies over traditional medicine a little offputting.  Willow has issues with a lot of traditional medicine (except heavy duty painkillers) and she gives unsolicited medical advice without taking patient histories.  I have an interest in natural rememedies but also a strong appreciation for modern medicine.  While I found some of the information interesting, I found that it overwhelmed the mystery itself.  I’m not sure that I would read another in the series.