On the Chopping Block by Jenny Kales

30063546  I have had this on my Kindle for a little while and randomly chose it last night.  I remember buying it because I found the cover so enticing!

The theme behind this cozy is a meals from scratch business with a Greek flavor, ran by the Callie of Callie’s Kitchen.  Callie is the protagonist and has a sidekick in the form of a lawyer pal, a curmudgeon of a father, a thorn in her side Detective, and a dead boyfriend.  Detective Sands is trying to leave no stone unturned, but Callie is determined to help solve the case because the future of her fledgling business might just depend on clearing her name.

The mystery had quite a few suspects and motives for Drew’s murder, enough to keep you guessing. The chemistry between Callie and Detective Sands was well done and speaks well for future development. The relationship between Callie and her ex was a breath of fresh air.  Too often in novels,  exes are demonized or were abusive or committed some crime or abandoned the protagonist.  This was handled very realistically, just two people trying to co-parent after divorce. The townspeople provide a colorful background cast and the setting of Wisconsin is new to me.

Enjoyable, quick cozy with a fun theme and well drawn characters.

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