A Certain Justice by P.D. James

29204   This is the 10th book in the Adam Dagliesh series.  This was masterfully written.  The development of the character of Venetia Aldridge allows the reader to feel as though they “know” her, as much as you could anyone.  Dagliesh himself is not really the focus of this particular book.  Venetia and her unfortunate situation with her daughter and the daughter’s fiance, other members of the Middle Temple, and D.I. Kate Miskin, who struggles with demons from her own past, are more front and center in this book and it works superbly.  We hear from Dagliesh almost as a voice in the background questioning and guiding but allowing others to take center stage.

A Certain Justice starts by introducing us to Venetia Aldridge in criminal court as she successfully gets a suspected murderer a “Not Guilty” verdict. We then delve in to the interesting British legal system of courts and solicitors and barristers and the things that occur behind closed doors in Chambers.  We know from the start that Venetia will die, we spend the rest of the exploring how, why and who.  There are some very unlikable characters and some that are pitiable for various reasons.

This is one of my favorites of the Dagliesh series so far.  So well written and engaging, not written as a thriller, but rather as a book for immersing yourself in the world that P.D. James created.

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