Summer of Love by Katie Fforde

10022673  I received a free ebook of this title, Summer of Love, by Katie Fforde from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

This is another great summer read from Katie Fforde including a charming cottage, quaint village, summer romance, gardens, and picnics.  Now throw in a long lost dad and a young mum trying to do what is best for child, a grandma eager to love her grandchild, and a romantic interloper (or two) and you have the makings of a lovely summer romantic story.  Sian moves to lovely, but damp, little cottage trying to make a go of single parenthood with her son Rory.  Richard wants to step in and be the father figure he thinks Rory needs.  Fiona is welcoming a long gone son back to her nest, while also trying to dip her toe in the dating pool.  Angus is coming home to some surprises and isn’t quite sure what to do about them.

Sian’s love story is the central plot here, but I really enjoyed the humor and affection in Fiona’s search for, if not love, then companionship.  Engaging and fun read, giving the reader just what they expect and want in a summer romance story.

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