A Cornish Christmas by Lily Graham

31354225  I received a free ebook of this title, A Cornish Christmas, from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

I should preface this by saying that I am really a sucker for Christmas stories!   This book concerns a pregnant children’s book illustrator/author, who along with her husband has left the big city and bright lights of London behind for quiet country life in Cornwall.  As she continues to work on her books on the desk left to her by her mother, her husband sets out to become a self sustaining farmer, making jams and jellies from rather unlikely vegetables.  The couple have a history of miscarriage and infertility and are almost afraid to hope for a happy outcome of this latest pregnancy.  Throw in Ivy’s rabid mother-in-law and her mother’s ghostly visitations and there is plenty going on here to keep a reader turning the pages.

A charming Christmas ghost story that delivers a message of hope and forgiveness, not only for the holidays but any day!

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