Knock off by Rhonda Pollero

I read this today sitting out on the back patio, drinking Middle Sister Rebel Red wine.

Anyway, I started out by being  turned off by the protagonist.  Finley is a paralegal and spends the first 30 or 4o pages explaining how she is irresponsible with money a credit abuser, a compulsive shopper of name brand items, and a nightmare co-worker.  She basically brags about coming in late and taking long lunches, lying to her employer about going to the courthouse and meeting her friends for long lunches instead.  I almost put the book down but I was too comfy in my lounge chair and didn’t want to get up to get another book so I continued.

I’m glad that I did.  The mystery turned out to be quite good and Finley redeemed herself somewhat by working hard once she got involved in solving the mystery.  I liked all the twists and turns and connections to other victims.  I also enjoyed the legal theme and the investigative techniques.  The writing is well done.  I still will not say that the protagonist is one of my favorites but there is enough else good in the book to redeem it.  Perhaps the problem is me, I tend to need to like characters or at least relate to them, in order to like a book… or maybe I’m a little too old for the target demographic.

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