The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

I received an uncorrected proof of this book for free from the publisher at BEA.

I have read one other book by Liane Moriarty and that is why I was looking forward to this one so much. I came right home from BEA and sat out in the backyard and read it in one sitting. The book is about forgiveness, grief, secrets and regret. The characters, with the possible exception of Felicity and Will are fully fleshed out (That couple is more of a catalyst than characters until the end anyway). The stories of all the different characters weave together seamlessly. There is no sense of the story having to forced to bring them all together. The characters have very real personalities with flaws, some of them tragic.

The plot uses a “what if’ device, whereby possible pasts and futures are explored. the purpose being to point out how fragile our existence is and that every choice we make has long reaching consequences, many of which we could not begin to predict.

I really enjoyed this book even though I cried in a a couple places. Very moving, well thought out book.

Book Expo of America




Going to BEA was a great experience and I came home with great books to read and I will probably write about them here. I  I will say that I was surprised about the heavy emphasis on YA fiction.   It is not a genre I generally read but I did recently read a couple of Marcus Sedgwick’s books on another blogger;s recommendation, so I picked up a couple more today.  The book in my stack that  I am most looking forward to is The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriary.  I may have to put aside my current read and dive into it.