It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?


This is a meme hosted by bookjourney.  Visit her blog here.

This week I am reading:


Still reading this…tough going.  The last Stephen King I read was in 1989.  I just feel like I’m trudging through right now.

Also – rereading this for a the English Kindle Mystery Club on Goodreads



I love this series, so I think it will be fun revisiting the beginning 🙂

I also need to return these to the library, so I will try to get to them this week:




So – What are you reading this week?

Knock off by Rhonda Pollero

I read this today sitting out on the back patio, drinking Middle Sister Rebel Red wine.

Anyway, I started out by being  turned off by the protagonist.  Finley is a paralegal and spends the first 30 or 4o pages explaining how she is irresponsible with money a credit abuser, a compulsive shopper of name brand items, and a nightmare co-worker.  She basically brags about coming in late and taking long lunches, lying to her employer about going to the courthouse and meeting her friends for long lunches instead.  I almost put the book down but I was too comfy in my lounge chair and didn’t want to get up to get another book so I continued.

I’m glad that I did.  The mystery turned out to be quite good and Finley redeemed herself somewhat by working hard once she got involved in solving the mystery.  I liked all the twists and turns and connections to other victims.  I also enjoyed the legal theme and the investigative techniques.  The writing is well done.  I still will not say that the protagonist is one of my favorites but there is enough else good in the book to redeem it.  Perhaps the problem is me, I tend to need to like characters or at least relate to them, in order to like a book… or maybe I’m a little too old for the target demographic.

Out of Circulation by Miranda James


Another good outing in The Cat in The Stacks Mystery series.  I love the main character, Charlie and Diesel, his cat.  In this book, several recurring characters feature prominently, Sean, Laura, Stewart, Azalea and her daughter.  The plot in this one is that Azalea is accused of murder and Charlie is recruited by her concerned daughter to help clear her name.  There is more of Charlie’s work as an archivist involved in this mystery and it is really interesting.  I  have been reading this series out of order because my library only had two of them.  I will definitely order the other two to finish the series.

There is romance in this book, but not the traditional love triangle that you see a lot of in cozy mysteries.  It is also a well done romance and I quite enjoyed that sub plot.  I really can’t see any negatives with this book.  Well written cozy, interesting plot,  great characters, and nothing too far fetched to distract the reader from the mystery.


Classified as Murder by Miranda James


Best cozy I have read in a while!  I think part of it is because it had a lot of differences from other cozies I have been reading .  It was like a breath of fresh air. The biggest difference was a male protagonist.  I haven’t read a cozy with a male protagonist since  The Cat Who…series.  Charlie is great and he is a fully developed character.  You hear his inner thoughts and his doubts and insecurities regarding his relationship with his son as well as his thoughts on the mystery.  The second difference is that there was no romance element, some cozies get so caught up in the love triangles that it takes  away from the mystery.  Love triangles are fine to a point, but I want the focus to be on the mystery.    Finally, it is a book based cozy which have always been my favorites and I have been reading other themes lately.

The mystery plot was well crafted.  I had the mystery solved early, but not really due to any clues in the book, it was just a gut feeling.  This did not detract from my enjoyment of the story.  I am going to read more in this series, in fact I have Out of Circulation checked out from the library already.