White Out & The Day Henry Died


These were two books I saw mentioned on other blogs and just downloaded.  I believe White Out was an Amazon First Read this month.  They are very different books.  The Day Henry Died is a supernatural mystery, in essence a ghost story while White Out is a gritty serial kidnapper/killer thriller.  What they do have in common is in both cases the protagonists are having some memory issues and the exploration of those issues drive a lot of the action in the stories.

In The Day Henry Died,  Henry wakes up alone in bed and thinks it to be a normal day. he goes about his routine and heads off to work.  At some point in the day, he realizes that there  is an obituary with his name on it and no one can see him.  No one that is except for a young woman named, Rita who works in the local supermarket.  Henry has no idea how he has ended up in this predicament or if it is all some terrible mistake.  He enlists Rita’s help to solve the mystery.  A charming mystery that is turns sad and funny, an enjoyable read.

White Out begins with a bang, a car accident and a young woman, Lily,  awakes with no idea of why she is in the car or who the man she is with is or what has led to her being there.  She has a sense of being in danger or perhaps trouble and begins to try to unravel the mystery from bits and pieces of clues she picks up along the way.  Meanwhile a few miles a way the body of a woman is found in a dumpster.  The woman has a horrible connection to Lily’s dark past and to the current danger she is in. Great psychological thriller with themes of abuse, PTSD, and alcoholism.



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