June Reads…


Here are the few reads I squeezed in between all the work to  finish out the school year.  Some of these are Christmas reads, but they were borrowed books, so I’m reading them now.  It is almost Christmas in July anyway :).

Breaking the Mould is book 8 in the A Vintage Kitchen Mystery Series by Victoria Hamilton. I have always enjoyed this series and have followed Jaymie,  the protagonist, from when she was single and recently broken up with up until now when she is married and a stepmother.  In book 8, the town is putting on its annual Holiday festival, but not if the local Grinch has his way. He is a thoroughly unlikable character and when he ends up dead, there are plenty fingers pointing.   Jaymie has many clues and connections to investigate.   And all the while the festival still must go on. An enjoyable cozy read with a family life bend to it.

One Taste Too Many by Debra H. Goldstein is the first in a new series featuring sisters.  Sarah is the reluctant sleuth pulled in to the case as her sister, Emily, is accused of murdering Sarah’s miserable ex-husband.  The action centers around a cooking competition and exhibit with high tension and plenty of characters to consider as suspects.  A nice start to a food themed cozy series.

Wreath Between the Lines is book 7 in the A Cookbook Nook Series. This is a series I really enjoy and it has a dual theme of a bookstore specializing in cookbooks and cooking.  In this book it is the holiday season, Jenna is busy with the shop and with her sister, who has arrived in town with her family.   A man is murdered at Jake’s house and it seems like it may be a case of mistaken identity.  Jenna investigates to clear Jake’s name and to find the culprit before the succeed in killing Jake.  Fast paced cozy with lots of action.

St. Francis Society for Wayward Pets by Anna England Noblin seems from the cover and from the beginning to be a light rom-com type read.  It follows two timelines, the current one with Maeve and her recent string of bad luck, and the past timeline that led to her adoption at birth, so her mother’s story.  There are some silly moments, some romance, and some darker than expected story lines involving domestic violence. Themes of family, community, and motherhood are explored here.   This was an enjoyable read.