The Fly and the Tree


I received a free ebook of this title from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

This had a really interesting premise.  A young Phd candidate is reviewing her data and finds an anomaly in some tests run on some brain matter retrieved from a corpse.  The victim was supposed to have died peacefully in their sleep according to the police report but Baz’s findings contradict that.  She needs to be able to explain the anomaly to defend her research so she starts to look into the source of the brain matter, one Cathy Marsden.  The problem is the Cathy’s death has been marked a closed case and no one really appreciates her poking her nose in.

The idea for this novel is really interesting.  The character of Baz is a great female lead with a strong science bend, which is somewhat unusual.  The book does need some editing in terms of writing dialogue and tightening up.  There is a long section of Baz explaining her research that dragged on right at the very beginning that almost had me put the book down. I think a good editor could have made this a much stronger book.  As is, there are definitely good elements to it.

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