21 Immortals


I received a free ebook of this title from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

I requested this title because I wanted to read a mystery set somewhere that I am not that familiar with and by an author new to me.  21 Immortals starts off grabbing the reader immediately with a bizarre crime, an entire family found dead and posed around a New Year’s feast in their home.  Inspector Mislan only is on the case because the call came in at the very end of his shift and now he finds himself stuck with it.  The case twists and turns through leads that involve hacking, triads, infidelity, and police corruption.  There is also a significant side plot involving Inspector Mislan’s personal life as his wife has left him a single Dad to a five year old and he is now dating.

I found the case really interesting and enjoyed reading along as Mislan uncovered all the elements of the crime.  I will admit to feeling a little lost about some of the references to Triads and crime in Malaysia and events in 1995.  I feel I need  a little more background knowledge to fully appreciate some of this novel.  Still a very enjoyable police procedural and a change of pace from my normal reads.

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