What She Saw


I received a free ebook of this title from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

This crime novel grabs you right from the opening paragraphs.  It has has a shocking opening and continues on from there.  The novel opens with a teenager lying on her bedroom floor staring up at her father who has just shot her and and also her boyfriend.  The boyfriend is dead.  Thus, begins this family annihilation scenario.  After we leave Poppy behind, we jump to DS Jenna Morgan’s side of story and pick up there.  The novel alternates with some snatches of  Poppy’s father’s POV and actions.

There is a lot of action and tension throughout the course of the book.  It makes for very quick and un-put-downable reading.  The action writing and the character of Poppy was well done.  The depiction of a family annihilator was intriguing and well thought out.  I actually did not connect with Jenna as much as some of the lead characters in other police procedural series I read.  Definitely a good read for those who enjoy fast paced thriller style police procedurals.


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