The Nidderdale Murders


I received a free ebook of this title from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

This is the 5th in this Yorkshire Murder Mystery Series.  I am reading this out of order.  The only other one that I read in the series was the first one.  This has everything that one expects from a cozy English Village police procedural.  Plenty of local color, both in  characters and scenery. red herrings and misdirection, and not much in the way of on screen violence.

DCI Jim Oldroyd has a good team but even with an eyewitness to a murder, they seem to have their hands full trying to lay their hands on the suspect.  It doesn’t  help that the victim was not the most likable of citizens. As he investigates he uncovers secrets in the town and connections to an old crime and a missing person.  The novel has an elaborate twist at the end!  A fun cozy village procedural read.

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