Sanctuary & The Bright Silver Star

Sanctuary is book 7 in the Jack Taylor series.  Jack is suffering greatly from all his excesses, from currently falling off the wagon,  and the beatings he has taken over the years.  On top of this he starts receiving mail from a killer, communicating with him about the victims.  Jack fueled by rage induced by the memories of Serena’s Death tracks the killer down to deliver his form of justice and save another child’s life.

This book connects very strongly to the events at the end of Book 4 and continuing forward.  I think it would be difficult to appreciate Jack’s mind set and his relationships without having read them.  I enjoyed this more for the ongoing story line of Serena than for the mystery in this particular installment, although that was good as well.

The Bright Silver Star is the 3rd installment in the Berger & Mitry series.  Hollywood in the form of a starlet and her leading man husband has invaded quiet Dorset.  Bringing the paparazzi and drama, especially since Berger panned the husband, Tito’s, latest film.  A body found at the bottom of the falls brings down a full scale investigation amidst all the media scrutiny.  I really love the characters of Des and Mitch and the development of their relationship.  The other characters are detailed and interesting and there is a strong sense of place here.  The pacing is good and keeps moving steadily throughout the novel.  I am really enjoying this series as much for the characters as for the mystery.

One thought on “Sanctuary & The Bright Silver Star

  1. Tina says:

    I have only read one of the Jack Taylor series and I liked it. Of course I can’t read one without picturing Iain Glenn.

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