The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, Blown Away, & Wednesday’s Child

The impulse book buy of the week was The Bookish Life of Nina Hill.  I saw it on a table at Barnes and Noble and picked it up without really knowing anything about it other than reading the blurb on the back.

Nina Hill works in her local neighborhood bookstore and lives a quiet and orderly life of scheduled activities.  She was raised by a nanny hired by her globetrotting semi-celebrity single mother, no brothers, sisters, or clan of aunts, uncles and  cousins.  Her life gets rewritten with the visit from a lawyer representing the estate of her unknown to her father.

This was a funny, touching read with a protagonist to root for as she sorts through her feelings about family  and love. Addresses how issues from childhood follow us in to adulthood. Very enjoyable feel good read!

Blown Away  by Clover Tate is the first in a new cozy mystery series with a theme of kite making.  Emmy has moved in with her best friend in an Oregon coastal town and is opening her very own kite store.  Her kites are a blend of her love of kite flying and her artistic flair honed by an art degree.  Shortly after moving in with Avery, a body is found on the beach by their house.  The body turns out to be Avery’s ex and all eyes turn to Avery as the most likely culprit.  This was a fun cozy with a different theme that I’ve seen before.

Wednesday’s Child by Peter Robinson is the 6th in the Inspector Banks series.  In this installment a child has been taken, supposedly by two social workers, who turn out to be fakes.  The idea of a male and female working together turns DS Gristhorpe’s mind to Moor Murderers, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley and the search for the child turns desperate.  Banks works on the missing child case but also has other bodies turning up along the way and has to determine if they are all connected.  There is a substantial subplot here concerning Banks relationship with his own children.  Very good installment in this series.