When the Devil Drives & In the Dark

When the Devil Drives is the 2nd in the series with PI Jasmine Sharp and DS Catherine McLeod.  In this installment, Jasmine as accepted Sharp Investigations as her own upon the death of Jim and is being kept quite busy with referrals.  A walk in client leads her to investigate a 30 year old missing person case.  It soon becomes evident that there are forces at work that definitely don’t want Jasmine working on the case.  Meanwhile DS McLeod is investigating a shooting death which may have been professional sniper or a stray bullet from poachers.  She digs into her case with the same tenacity that Jasmine works on hers, parallel cases in which the reader keeps waiting for them to meet.

Excellent read, well written with an intriguing mystery plot.  I found in this, as in the first in the series, that the Jasmine story line is more compelling but overall I enjoyed the book in its entirety.  Recommended read, but I’d definitely start with the first in the series, Where the Bodies are Buried, which by the way, is a read this month over at the English Kindle Mystery Club!

In the Dark by Cara Hunter was on my TBR because I had read the first in this series with DI Fawley as the protagonist.  To be honest, I don’t really remember much about the first book, Close to Home, so I think it is safe to say  you can read this without having read it.

In this case builders working on a semi-detached accidentally knock down a wall into the neighbors basement and find a barely alive young woman and a child imprisoned there.  Fawley is called in and the investigation begins.   So. many. twists. and turns.  Really cleverly laid out plot and so engaging.  I read this in one sitting, because I had to know the truth about what was going on in this book.  I don’t want to give anything away, but definitely a good read for people who like twisty turny thrillers (and don’t mind rats).