Blood Harvest by Sharon J. Bolton


Blood Harvest  has been on my TBR for a while and I added it to the last group I picked up from the library.  This novel encompasses much of what SJ Bolton does well a great sense of place, a menacing almost claustrophobic feelings of menace,  hints of the supernatural, and interesting, complex characters.   Here a family has moved into a new house on the edge of a village right next to the graveyard and church and a new vicar arrives as well.  Soon it becomes obvious that their new haven is anything but a safe sanctuary.  A gang of youths that appear at will to terrorize the children, a strange child who appears to  only a few, voices calling out to people where no one seems to be, and the deaths of children that may or may not be connected all come together to ruin their ideal of country life.  Good psychological thriller.

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