The Cold Dish & Deadly Errand


I recently finished watching the Longmire TV show and really liked it so I decided to pick up the books to read, The Cold Dish, is the first in the series.  The book really stands out from the early series in the development of the characters of Vic and Lucien.  Vic because I live near Philly and the Vic of the book is definitely a good rendition of some  Italian Philly natives I have met.   Lucien is much more defined, I feel like I know more about  him in the book and he also is funnier.   That being said, I think I preferred Longmire himself from the TV show.

This was a good mystery read, with great characters and a fascinating setting.  I will read more in this series.

Deadly Errand by Christine Green was on my TBR.  I’m not really sure when I added it or why.  It involves a young woman who is trained as a nurse but who wants to give up traditional nursing to be an investigator, specifically investigating medical cases.  Her first case is a young nurse who is stabbed to death on the grounds of a facility during the night shift.  Her family asks Kate to investigate.  The case is bound up in harassment, fraud, and some religious fervor for good measure.

Everything about this was okay.  It didn’t really grab me to be honest.  The most interesting character was a sidekick, Kate’s landlord, Hubert, who is a mortician and she spends time discussing her cases with him.  I probably will not read more in the series.  Might be more interesting to people who like to read medical/nursing oriented mysteries.