The Reaper & Where the Bodies are Buried



These books are both in contention to be reads next month over at the Kindle English Mystery Club on Goodreads, so for once I am ahead of the game.  The Reaper by Steven Dunne involves a DI Damen Brooks, damaged of course, who sees something in a current case that leads him to believe that an old killer has resurfaced and followed him.  Killing again to engage him in a game of cat and mouse.  There was a great deal that I liked about this.  I enjoyed the development of the characters of both Damen and the killer, the resolution was well done, and the mystery was engaging.  The pacing dragged in the middle for a bit but not enough to put me off.  I will be interested in reading another in this series.

Where the Bodies are Buried is the first in the Jasmine Sharp and Catherine Macleod series.  This is set in Glasgow and for the first part of the books Jasmine and Catherine are on parallel plot lines.  Catherine is a police officer, while Jasmine is learning to be a private detective under the tutelage of her Uncle Jim.   The two women’s story lines twist and turn until they eventually connect.  This was a really good page turner, the characters, the setting and the mystery were all engaging and well written.  I already put the next book on hold at the library.