Key Lime Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke


This is book 9 in the Hannah Swensen Mystery Series.  I had stopped reading these for a while because I wasn’t sure I was so happy with the tone of the love triangle.  But I have heard that the triangle resolves at some point and  a friend encouraged me to pick them back up so I have started reading the series again.  This was a really good installment in the the series.  Hannah is a judge at Fair baking contest and when one of the other judges is murdered and Hannah is the one to find her body,  she finds herself right in the middle of an investigation.

Norman is still working on the dream house.  Mike has proposed and is hoping for an answer and Hannah’s mother seems to have a secret of her own.  The mystery is well paced and has a variety suspects for the reader to consider.  I liked everything about this from the mystery story line, to the interactions between the recurring characters, to the theme elements (recipes/cooking and baking references).  I am happy that I picked the series back up again and I will continue to read it.

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