The Pickled Piper by Mary Ellen Hughes


First in a new to me series. Piper has just broken up with her fiance and moved to the small town she spent childhood summers in to open up a shop selling all things related to related to pickling, the spices, jars, recipe books, and pickled products. She is excited for the new venture and for joining into life in her new home town.  The Cloverdale Fair gives her a chance to exhibit her wares and meet more of her neighbors, until someone ends up dead, right in her stall!

Piper, along with her Aunt and Uncle and employee Amy make a nice cast of what I am sure will be recurring characters.  The theme is fun and interesting.  I used to make a lot of my own pickles and chutneys and I don’t remember seeing any other cozies with this theme.  The mystery has plenty of possible suspects for the reader to think about and law enforcement has their own suspect right from the start.  Fun, well written, fast paced cozy.

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