The Puppet Show, Whiteout, No Mark Upon Her, & Dangerous Davies


The Puppet Show was an excellent read for this month’s book at the English Kindle Mystery Club on Goodreads.  Washington Poe has been off duty pending an investigation.  He is brought back in to investigate a gruesome serial killer, who is burning his victim’s alive, after torturing them.  Tilly is brought in to work on the case as well and the pairing of Washington and Tilly is extraordinary.  Exciting story from beginning to end, well written with great great characters.  I really enjoyed this and look forward to more from M.W. Craven.

White Out is book 4 in the Dark Iceland Series.  Ari Thor is back with his girlfriend and about to be a father as it closes in on Christmas.  His old boss Tomas recruits him to investigate a suspicious death in a family and at a home with a tragic history.  Slightly lighter feeling than some of the other books in the series, perhaps due to the holiday setting.  Ari Thor finds himself working against public opinion to time the current case to the ones from the past. Great read in this series.

No Mark Upon Her by Deborah Crombie is the 14th installment in the Gemma James and Duncan Kincaid Series.  Gemma and Duncan are finally married and have a new foster daughter added to their little family.  The case involves a prospective Olympic rower murdered on the river.  The case has very timely aspects with connections to cover ups of sexual misconduct and assaults.  Great character in the form of a search and rescue team member with PTSD and a connection to the victim.  Thoroughly enjoyable read in a great series.

Dangerous Davies is one of the books that the The Last Detective TV series was based on.  I really enjoyed the show and when I found out it was based on books by Leslie Thomas I decided to pick them up.  The book is definitely darker in some aspects than the TV series.  The main mystery here involves an unsolved missing person case which is basically a cold case.  One of the original men questioned is now currently being looked at and Davies takes this opportunity to re-examine the original case.  Really cleverly done as there are small hints and clues dripped throughout that lead to the resolution.


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