Just finished these two books. Strange Shores by Arnaldur Indridason, book 11 in the Inspector Erlendur series, is a departure from the team approach of the last couple books.  Erlendur is off on an extended leave trying to solve the greatest mystery of his own life, the disappearance of his younger brother when they were both children.  While he stays out in the wilderness near an isolated fjord where he lived as a child, he investigates not only his brother’s disappearance but another famous local disappearance.  Erlendur spends time reflecting on his childhood, his family and his own feelings of guilt through the lens of the two cases.  Very good installment in a series that I really enjoy.

No Place to Die picks up with Lockyer returning from leave and  now working again with Jane, who resents the fact that Lockyer didn’t trust her in their previous case.  Live burials, psychological experiments, a missing retired police officer and links to historical cases are all present in this installment in the series.  Many twists and turns in this book, however I did work out one major twist relatively early on.  I still enjoyed the book as a whole and will continue with this series.