Gently Does It by Alan Hunter

10708111  I just read my first Alan Hunter book from the George Gently series.  I loved the TV show, in which Martin Shaw, played Gently.  iggently_bobby_t800

The book had a lot of differences, as far as location and back story, however the character of George Gently himself shines through.  Martin Shaw did a superb job bringing this character to life.  In Gently Does It, a wealthy timber dealer is murdered at the same time his errant son happens to be in town.  All fingers point to the son, but Gently doesn’t believe it.  Calmly and methodically, Gently uncovers the truth leading to a climactic resolution to the case.  Along the way are some very telling quotes that stick with me like,  “Justice belongs to the courts. It’s nothing to do with the police.”

Definitely a series I will read more of.

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