When the Flood Falls & Made a Killing

These are the latest two mysteries that I have read.  Both were firsts in new series.  When the Flood Falls is set in Canada, with a female protagonist.  Lacey has recently left the force due to personal issues and some blatant sexism that she could no longer deal with.  She gets a security job offer and takes it while helping an old uni friend.  The friend Dee lives in a creepy isolated house and has been having strange occurrences that are interfering with her sleep and life in general.  The mystery encompasses ideas about art, independence, drug addiction and chronic illness, power in sexual relationships, stalking, and sexism.  I felt that the characters didn’t really grab me and I had a hard time getting immersed in the story.  An okay mystery read.

Made a Killing by Zack Abrams is a UK based mystery.  The case is centered on a thoroughly despicable victim who is involved in blackmail with a side line of elder fraud.  Alex Warren, a divorced police officer is in charge of the case and is somewhat concerned about his own personal connection to the victim.  The case proceeds along gathering other murders and break ins after the fact.  Alex sifts through the possible blackmail victims to catch a clue to the murderer’s identity before more bodies pile up.  There is a side plot involving Alex’s personal life, the relationship with his ex-wife and children, and his new romantic interest.  Again , I had difficulty getting immersed in the story and felt the characters were somewhat shallowly drawn.  Another okay mystery read.

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