The Chalk Pit, Truth and Lies, and Murder at the Book Club

The Chalk Pit by Elly Griffiths is book 9 in the Ruth Galloway Series.  In this series, Ruth is involved in a case of bones that turned up in a restaurant construction.  Meanwhile Nelson gets involved in the case of a missing homeless woman.  One missing women leads to more cases and Nelson and his team have their hands full.  This installment was more of a Nelson-centric story than Ruth.  The Chalk Pit explores issues of homelessness and in particular the invisibility of the homeless population. This was an intriguing and well written installment in the series.

Truth and Lies is one of this month’s reads at the Kindle English Mystery Club.  I was drawn into this story of a DI who is trying to fill her father’s footsteps.  A letter arrives revealing her birth parents are notorious serial killers.  Her mother is still alive in prison and offers to make a deal with Amy, information for a visit.  Amy finds herself doubting everything she believed about herself and having to reexamine who she is and her relationships with her adopted parents.  While all this is going on in her personal life, another young girl has gone missing and Amy is desperate to find her. The plot was well done and certainly full of twists. I did find the twist at the end regarding Ellen a bit hard to take, but overall a good read.

Murder at the Book Club is the second read for the Kindle English Mystery Club this month.  In some ways, this was almost a cozy mystery, but it doesn’t feel cozy with  almost no redeeming characters or humor really involved.  A group of women in a book club are held together to weekly meetings even though it becomes readily apparent they don’t really like each other very much.  Lots of petty squabbling and back stabbing go on until finally one member ends up dead and some of the women find themselves suspects.  This was a quick read and an okay mystery.



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