We That Are Left & The Moth Catcher


We That Are Left by Clare Clark is a historical fiction, which is not my usual genre, however I quite enjoyed it.  This is the story of the Melville family, sisters Jessica and Phyllis, their mother and father, Theo the brother, and Oskar Grunewald, the son of a friend of the family.  The setting is the Melville family estate during WWI and the time directly afterwards,  when the fortunes of many aristocratic families suffered upheaval in the changing world.  Interesting family drama with themes of secrets, love, and home. Well written historical fiction.

The Moth Catcher is another in the Ann Cleeves, Vera series. Fascinating case with significant red herrings and a wealth of suspicious characters.  Holly features prominently in this installment, as she works on the cases while dealing with a crisis of faith.  The murders stack up pretty rapidly and the mystery keeps on until the last couple pages.  Vera is her usual self as she holds a “masterclass in witness interrogation”, getting the objects of her attention to reveal more than they intend. Great book in a great series.

2 thoughts on “We That Are Left & The Moth Catcher

  1. Tina says:

    You introduced me to Ann Cleeves and thank you for that! I love the Shetland series. haven’t started the Vera series yet.

  2. I’m glad you are liking it!

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